The Stoddard's 2008

The Stoddard's 2008

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

My sister is an aspiring photographer...

My sister Lisa NEVER updates her blog...I have decided that I will guest blog on her blog sometimes...when I have time.

Lisa's kids always say and do the most ridiculous but funny things on a daily basis! Seriously they make me laugh when she tells me...and I am ALWAYS telling her to blog it so she has records of it!

Here's a typical video of her kids...I love when Ethen realized he's bleeding!

But if most of you know...Lisa likes to keep herself...more than busy...there isn't even a term for her life...tornado, never ending stream of busy craziness, more than busy...busy + get my drift!

Anyhow...Here's just a typical photo shoot I took of the boys...Lisa hasn't seen them yet, nor does she know I posted this post...

Love ya Lisa!